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FPG offers SVT/SVO Certificates of Authenticity

FPG offers SVT/SVO Certificates of Authenticity

Announced last week, the Ford Performance Group is now offering “Certificates of Authenticity” for SVT and SVO late-model Mustangs. This official document gives owners of these special edition or rare Mustangs a chance to show factory documentation when showing, displaying or selling their car. This added amount of credibility is an important step for aftermarket and restoration Mustang owners who wish to keep their Mustang well documented as the rare collector’s item that it is.

The Ford Performance Group, a Ford Racing initiative, puts a face and a place on Ford Motor Company’s connection to enthusiast clubs and the performance aftermarket business. Built around their website,, the Ford Performance Group helps to facilitate an interactive relationship between Ford and its past, present and future performance customers.

Enthusiasts know that having solid documentation can add value to their collectible car. There's no better way to show your SVT, SVO or select late-model Ford performance vehicle is the real deal than to display an official vehicle "Certificate of Authenticity" with it. Certificates of Authenticity from the Ford Performance Group contain exact Ford build information such as VIN, assembly plant, production number and manufacture date. These unique certificates carry Edsel B. Ford II's and/or Carroll Shelby's signature – and can ONLY be purchased from the Ford Performance Info Center.

To apply for your official “Certificate of Authenticity”, you can contact Ford Performance Group at 1-800-FORD-788. The cost for a “Certificate of Authenticity” is $40.

Source: Ford Performance Group


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